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August 1, 2002

A Big Thanks to Jerry Garrett for repairing and painting the ceiling of the foyer which was damaged by the leaking roof in this one small area.

A Big Thanks to Ted and Ruth Barnard for their hard work to make our Ice Cream Social so enjoyable.

Bill Skinner said the water melons are just about ready for picking for August 11 social.

Shannon Garrett wins the travel award for the summer. She made one trip to Boston playing with the Oklahoma Baptist Youth Orchestra. When she returned home, she and her mother set out to Thailand to see a missionary friend. She spent a week with us at our Falls Creek Youth Camp. Shannon and her brother , Jason went to Arlington Texas with many of our youth doing Vacation Bible Schools and door to door surveys for the apartment ministry.

It was great to have Wendy Taylor in our church. Wendy surrendered her life to missions at our church while doing graduate work at OU. She has served the Lord the past two years in Kenya.

Please pray for Greg Kennedy and the Nominating Committee. We are in the process of finding members who are willing to fulfill God's calling to serve the church this coming church year which begins the first Sunday in September. I firmly believe the Holy Scriptures are correct when they teach that God has supplied everything this church needs through its present membership. If everyone does their part and every one gives what God calls them to give, we will have ample money and ample workers for this church to do its job to reach a lost and dying world for Christ.

Thanks you, Nick and Libby, for the great job you are doing as youth pastor and wife. If I had a young person, I would want them to be a part of the Alameda Baptist Church youth. They are one God-loving, awesome group.
Thanks for allowing me to be your pastor....Bro. Phil.....

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